Boyar House

It is a medieval architectural monument of national importance and one of the oldest buildings on the Balkan Peninsula, though partly preserved. The first period of its building was dated back to the first half of ХIII century, when it was the residence of Despot Alexius Slav. In the middle of ХIII c. part of it was burned down and destroyed, and in the next centuries it was reconstructed. At the end of ХVII c. it was ramshackled in some parts, in the beginning of ХVIII it was completely reconstructed – an attick floor and a clock tower, which existed untill the beginning of XX c., were built.

In the late Middle Ages and the Revival period it was one of the most splendid buildings in Melnik and the region, with an inner yard with marble floor, fountains with marble statues, halls and rooms with mosaic floors, wall-paintings, windows with colourful glasses. The house was part of Slav’s fortress and held the most important strategic position in the first level of defense of the fortress.

През късното Средновековие и Възраждането, тя е била една от най-пищно обзаведените жилищни сгради в Мелник и района, с вътрешен двор с мраморни настилки, фонтани с мраморни статуи, зали и стаи с мозаечни подове, стенописи, прозорци с цветни стъкла, като част от Славовата крепост е заемала най-важната стратегическа позиция в първото ниво на отбрана на крепостта.