Ali Botush Reserve – Slavyanka Mountain

Slavyanka, or as the local call is – Kitka (Flower) Mountain (with its highest peak – Gotsev Vrah – 2212 m), is one of the driest mountains in Bulgaria, but in spring it turns into a flower garden. It is considered a key floristic center on the Balkan Peninsula with its 1400 species of vegetation, 42 of them Balkan and 20 Bulgarian endemits, some of them over 400 years old. Here is also the biggest deposit of black fir on the Balkan Peninsula.

Its fauna includes not only the typical for the country fallow deer, wild boar, fox and others, but also more than 1200 species of insects. The most interesting of them for the scientists are the butterflies among which there are new species.

The desire to preserve this diversity is the reason for establishing Alibotush Reserve, bearing the old name of the mountain. It was declared as such on 24.11.1951 and at the moment covers most of the territory of the mountain. On 01.03.1977 Alibotush was included in the list of biosphere reserves under Man and the Bioshpere Programme of UNESCO as a territory, serving as a means for preserving the world natural heritage.