Melnik Wine Route

Melnik is the oldest and most popular wine destination in Bulgaria. The magic of the small town are the old houses with pubs and dug-into-the-ground wine cellars. A walk in this Revival town will take you back in time. After you have enjoyed the atmosphere it’s time to feel the taste of the region and head towards Melnik hotel where you will be welcomed and offered 5 selected Melnik wines in an authentic underground cellar.

Visit opportunities

– Kordopulov’s House was built in 1754 for storage and trade of wine. It has a ground floor with wine cellar labyrinths, where 300 tones of wine can be preserved. Today, it represents Revival architecture and design.

– The Fortress of Despot Slav, built in 13th century at the top of the holy hill rising over Melnik by Despot Alexius Slav – son of tsar Kaloyan’s sister. There you can see the remains of the monasteries St. Zona Monastery and St. Nikola as well as remains of small chapels.