vila melnik

Villa Melnik Wine Route

Villa Melnik Wine cellar is located in the village of Harsovo on a picturesque hill among vines, 7 km from the town of Melnik. It is a family cellar with 300 dc of personal vineyard of local and classical varieties. The wine cellar is constructed to receive guests who can observe the process of vine growing, wine making and tasting. Winemaker of the cellar is Didie Maie. It is accessible for disabled people.

Wines offered for tasting are: series „Aplauz”, series „Bergule”, series „Villa Melnik”, series „MELENIK”.

Visit opportunities

– In the village of Katuntsi you can roll a Macedonian banitsa and while it is baked you can dance a Pirin horo (round dance) and sing local folklore songs.

– In the village of Zlatolist you can visit St. George church (1857), home of Reverend Stoyna – considered to be a predecessor of the famous Vanga.

– Melnik