Zmeyova Dupka Cave

Zmeyova Dupka (Dragon’s Hole) is located 4 km south of Pirin village. It is a real pleasure for climbers, but it is inaccessible for regular tourists. The region around it has an exceptional beauty.

The legend about Zmeyova Dupka tells us that on that place once lived a fearful dragon which flew away to his beloved – Kalya, the most beautiful girl in the village, every night. One day, in order to get rid of him, the girl’s mother boiled a poisonous potion and poured it out on Kalya. The dragon got angry, there were thunders and it started to rain heavily until the river rose high. At that time Kalya was at the river for water and was swept away. The dragon turned into a huge pine tree in the middle of the river. Kalya grabbed it and they disappeared together.

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