Byala Reka Waterfall – Pirin Village

Byala Reka Waterfall is located 17 km from Pirin village, direction Nishkov Kamak region. It is named after the river on whose course it is situated. The height of the waterfall is 10 m and it is a preferred place for picnics and relaxation. width="600" height="450" frameborder="0" style="border:0" allowfullscreen>

Sveti Vrach Park – Village Polenitsa

The park is part of Sveti Vrach Hotel Complex – a residence of the former head of state Todor Zhivkov. It is situated on a territory of 430 daa and is open for visitors during the light part of the day. There are 150 plant species growing here. There is also an artificial lake with...

Zmeyova Dupka Cave

Zmeyova Dupka (Dragon’s Hole) is located 4 km south of Pirin village. It is a real pleasure for climbers, but it is inaccessible for regular tourists. The region around it has an exceptional beauty. The legend about Zmeyova Dupka tells us that on that place once lived a fearful dragon which flew away to his...
karstov izvor

Karst Spring – Petrovo Village

The spring is located near Petrovo village and is third in capacity in Bulgaria. It is formed around massive marble rocks which is a precondition for its physical qualities and chemical content. It is not by accident that the local population gave it the name Bistrets (clear water). It is reachable through a recreation place...

Kordopulov’s House

It is the biggest Revival building in Bulgaria. It was built in 1754 and belonged to the rich Melnik wine maker and merchant – Kordopulos. The house is a unique combination of inside and outside architecture, with rich wood carvings, colourful stained glass windows, painted walls, winter and summer garden. The basement is a labyrinth...

Boyar House

It is a medieval architectural monument of national importance and one of the oldest buildings on the Balkan Peninsula, though partly preserved. The first period of its building was dated back to the first half of ХIII century, when it was the residence of Despot Alexius Slav. In the middle of ХIII c. part of...

Turkish Konak

According to unofficial data the monumental old public building was constructed in 1821. During the Ottoman era it housed the city and district administration (Konak), and in 1931, when Melnik remained within the borders of Bulgaria, it was turned into a governmental building. Later on, it was used as a school and after the building...
sveti petar i pavel

Saints Peter and Paul Church

It is situated in the southwestern part of Melnik, 5 minutes from the town center. It is a monument of culture of national importance as part of Melnik cultural and historic reserve. The church was built in XIX century. Of great artistic value are the decorated iconostasis, pulpit, bishop’s throne, wall paintings, icons and others....

Деспот-Славова крепост

Деспот-Славовата крепост е известна още като Мелнишката крепост. Тя се намира над град Мелник, на около 1км северо-източно от центъра на града. Предполага се, че крепостта е построена през XI век, но през XIII век е разширена и укрепена допълнително (оттук произлиза и името й - крепостта на Деспот Слав). Ролята на крепостта е била...

Църква “Св. Антоний Велики”

Църкватa “Св. Антоний” се намира на десет минути пеша от центъра на град Мелник. За да стигнете до там, трябва да тръгнете от центъра в североизточната посока на града. Църквата е паметник на културата с национално значение, и е част от културно-историческия резерват “Мелник”. Тя е построена през 1765 година. Съществува поверие, че патронът на...