Religion in Sandanski


The official religion of Municipality of Sandanski is the Orthodox Christianity and on its territory there is a large concentration of Christian religious temples – chirches and monasteries. Among the most significant in the region are: St. John the Baptist (1856) in the village of Sugarevo, St. George the Victorious (1874) in the village of Levunovo, St. Nicholas (1885) in the village of Pirin, St. George (1857) in the village of Zlatolist. In the village of Novo Delchevo there is a Catholic Uniate Church “Assumption of Mary” (1931).

There are four orthodox temples in the town of Sandanski. The biggest of them is St. George Church (1956) – a small version of Alexander Nevski Memorial Temple in Sofia. The oldest temple is St. St. Cosmas and Damian (1861). At the end of the town is the small monastery St. St. Cosmas and Damian, where the holiday of the town of Sandanski (the first Thursday after Easter) is celebrated each year from thousands of years. There is also an Old Calendarists Orthodox Church, as well as an Evangelical Baptist Church.

The town of Melnik is famous for its big number of orthodox temples – over 70 in ХVІІІ and ХІХ c. A big part of them reflects the development of an Art School, unique not only in Bulgaria (icons, murals, manuscripts) known as Melnik Art Center, which was established in the Middle Ages and lasted until the beginning of XX century. Some of its most brilliant works are kept in the Rozhen Monastery – a monument of culture of national importance and the biggest religious temple in the Pirin region.