Balneology in the Region of city Sandanski



The Rupite area in known for its healing mineral water (75°С) with a high content of sulphur, issuing from the crater of the extinct millions of years ago Kozhuh volcano. The characteristics of these thermal springs have been known since ancient times and their first discoverers were the living in these lands Thracian tribe Sinti, who established on this place their town – Herakleya Sintika. Near Vanga’s park and the St. Petka of Bulgaria church there are three separate premises with mineral water pools – men`s section with two pools, one with algae and one with mineral water only, a women’s one, also with two pools, and a double-sex pool with mineral water. The small pools with curative mud and algae in the area have also been visited for hundreds of years.

The mineral water in Rupite is recommended for treatment of deseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system, musculoskeletal system, Buerger’s desease, prostate, discal hernia, radiculitis, rheumatism, infertility and others.


Marikostinovo mud-curing resort complex is situated 17 km away from Sandanski. It is located at 80 m above sea level. The combination of mineral water and curative mud is a valuable natural resource of the region. The characteristics of the thermal spring have been known since ancient times when the Thracian tribe Maedi lived in these lands. In the times of the Ottoman Empire the geyser mineral mud was taken to Tsarigrad (today’s Istanbul) by buffalo carts.

The mineral water issuing from the different springs in Marikostinovo has similar composition and healing characteristics with presence of carbon dioxide (200mg/l) and free sulfide (1.1gm/l).

A considerable amount of the water capacity of the mineral spring (60°С) flows into a lake with curative mud. It has been formed by the precipitation of fine clay substance, carried above by the springing mineral water. The mineral water of Marikostinovo in combination with the curative mud has positive effect on diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the peripheral nervous system and psoriasis.

Prepodobna Stoyna mineral water, Katuntsi village

There are several boreholes with different in content mineral water springs in the region of the village of Katuntsi. The water from borehole HG-236 contains minerals rare for the Balkan Peninsula. While the fluoride is normally contained in all thermal waters along the Struma river valley, here its low presence in the mineral water is notable. Regarding its physicochemical content the water is characterized as thermal, with low mineralization, hydrocarbonated, soldic, with presence of silver ions. The water is used for bottling asnatural mineral water with the name “Prepodobna Stoyna”.