Climate in Sandanski


The climate in the region is transitional continental with Mediterranean influence and summer minimum of rainfall. The average annual rainfall is about 670 mm. The geographic location of Municipality of Sandanski – at the middle of the Kresna and Rupel Gorges is a precondition for its exceptionally favourable climatic characteristics.

The town of Sandanski is known as the warmest settlement in the Republic of Bulgaria with an average annual temperature of 13.9ºС, the lowest in the country average annual humidity rate – 66%, the longest duration of sunshine – 2506 hours, the least number of foggy days per year – an average of 5. The air in Sandanski has the lowest percentage of allergens in the whole of Bulgaria. It is not by accident that Sandanski is known as the best European natural clinic for chronical deseases of the lungs and the upper respiratory tract – bronchial asthma, chronic and asthmatic bronchitis, conditions after bronchopneumonia, recovery after lung operations, lung emphysema, chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, hay fever, respiratory neurosis and others.

For thousands of years Sandanski has been known for its healing mineral water. There are 5 mineral springs in the resort with temperature between 33° and 83°С, used for prevention and treatment of deseases of the musculoskeletal, central and peripheral nervous system.

It can be rightly said that today Sandanski has become one of a kind “health factory”. The climatology and balneology here have proven its advantages long time ago and have turned the town into a national and international balneological resort.

The climate in the town of Melnik is transitional continental with summer minimum and winter maximum of rainfall. The average annual rainfall is about 670 mm. It is favourable for treatment of lung, kidney and rheumatic desesases. The level of allergens in the air is among the lowest in Bulgaria.