Folklore in Sandanski


The local population of Municipality of Sandanski has kept and preserved the traditional for the region folklore and ethnography, which have become part of the lifestyle of the people here and have been passed down from generation to generation. Evidence for that is the big number of assembles and folk groups, working in the local community centers and organizations.

The folklore and ethnography in this region have their unique characteristics. Typical are the Pirin songs, performed with two voices and the Macedonian horo dance, 8/8 meter (fast horo). Widely used musical instruments are the bagpipe, kemene, tambourine and svorche. Typical are also the zourla, combined with a drum.

The local tradition requires the clothes and fabrics, needed in the everyday life, to be produced in the family. The Bulgarian woman used to weave, sew and embroider the necessary clothes by herself. The koshuli (shirts) were hand-embroidered and the saya (dress) was made of thick homespun, girded with pregach (apron) and was decorated with buckles. The socks were knitted and embroidered. The main colours of the Pirin traditional dress are red and white.